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Paint Lab’s Christina Suwa is Marketing Manager of the century with support from top brands

In marketing on April 1, 2009 at 11:38 am

Last night I was blown away by what Christina Suwa can pull off in only 3 weeks of planning. Most people take at least a year to plan an event and still get poor attendance and/or poor coverage. Not Christina. Media poured in to cover the sardine packed event with just enough room to savor the delicious treats as appetizers passed by regularly throughout the night prepared by Bravo’s “Top Chef” Stefan Richter.  Tasty beverages provided by big names like Hansen promoting their new tea and Nestle showing off their new beauty in a bottle drink GLOWELLE. Then for a little Me Time, beautifully wrapped gift bags filled with Neutrogena face wash and POP eye liner. Wearing my new cool silver eye liner now. Paint Lab (2912  Main Street, Santa Monica, CA) is a perfect date joint to express creativity – be it novice or pro any person who wants to splash some color onto canvas is welcome. Live music was perfect. JETT vodka provided the spark in our Cranberry juice replacing my Madras with a drink called Jett Fuel. I just can’t say enough good things about this awesome event. To top it off the support Venice Magazine shares with their community is unstoppable. Apparently they assisted in spreading the good word about Paint Labs opening and treated each guest to their magazine.  I’m definitely now a fan if I wasn’t before. Christina is a must for any event if you want your big soiree to be orchestrated to perfection.

From Christina after reading this post… Thank you so much for your kind words, but I must say that I cannot take credit for pulling off this entire event myself.  I had the support of numerous people, including Paige Petrone from Venice Magazine who was instrumental in securing our drink sponsors and providing me with fantastic leads on different vendors.  Kelly Albright helped with securing the entertainment and lighting.  And I’ve had the incredible support of PAINT:LAB’s owners/partners Oana Bogdan and Melanie Cote.  It is because of this fabulous team of people that I can say we pulled off an incredibly successful and fun event!

Are you the next Picasso?

Are you the next Picasso?

Bravo's Top Chef  Stefan Richter

HIRE Top Chef Stefan Richter - his food is heaven in your mouth. No joke!


No matter East or West this May you need to be at Big Omaha “WHAT!? What’s in Omaha”

In business, business models, education, leadership, management, marketing, social media, technology on March 22, 2009 at 1:34 am

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This May 2009 will be just about the coolest conference yet – Big Omaha. The best of the best in social media, online content and business tech will be in attendance. Gary Vaynerchuk who I can’t stop writing about has mastered the momentum of online content. Adriana Gascoigne banded together Girls in Tech throughout the US and overseas being featured in periodicals like Fast Company for her leadership and social media expertise at powerhouse Hi5. Business modeling extraordinaire Jason Fried from 37 Signals. If you have yet to read how 37 Signals maintains laser focus on business development go there now to enhance your skills. Threadless founder Jeffrey Kalmikoff made selling retail online viral and community based. Matt Mullenweg who is behind the development of WordPress – just about the most unbelievable blogging platform ever. And no established business and technology event would be complete without the talented Shira Lazar hosting the extravaganza. This star studded cast are all flying to Omaha this May and so should we. I know I am. If you missed South by Southwest don’t make the same mistake twice.

Don't risk feeling left out again like you did not attending SXSW in Austin

Don't risk feeling left out again like you did not attending SXSW in Austin last week

Web Marketing Therapy. Stop “shoulding” yourself and start taking candy pills

In marketing, sanity on March 11, 2009 at 11:25 pm

Lorrie Thomas from Web Marketing Therapy is GREAT! Met her tonight at a SMARTYS event held at my favorite place Blank Spaces. Tonight Lorrie prescribed me her “Chill Pills” AWESOME. You see the bottle is empty so those delicious teeny chocolates definitely got me in the sweetest direction once again. It is a breath of fresh air when a marketing “expert” these days is actually INNOVATIVE. Ha!

Prescription for an Internet Entrepreneur

Prescription for an Internet Entrepreneur

Twitter is the new press release and Twiist Up is the Woodstock for techies without munchies involved

In marketing, social media, technology, twitter, viral marketing on February 13, 2009 at 4:43 pm

This week was tech mania. Woodstock watch out because LA was transformed. Tech Paintball, Tech Zulu anniversary, Twiist Up 5 and Twestival. Nuts!  Gave me plenty of excuses to get out of the house and shmooze with my newfound besties.  I ran into Richard from PR Newswire and made the comment that Twitter is the new press release. It is. Consumers, you and me, want to purchase based on our friends’ feedback rather than what we read in an “official” review.  And twitter is just that. We follow those we want to hear from, both friends  and associates. We trust their opinions. It’s cool. And now the business and friend world has merged with such fluidity that instead of once saying “MySpace me” it’s now “Follow Me”. The transformations in today’s PR world are fantastic. Filled with more truth and opportunity for discovery.

Twiist Up 5

Digg on WordPress! Took me hours to figure out

In marketing, technology on December 31, 2008 at 1:55 pm

Here’s my hero who wrote the Digg support blog –

So here’s the code to start with: &#91digg= story_on_digg&#93

–  ( best is to check out the link above where I got the instructions from, thanks Spencer!)

Thanks Spencer!

Okay kiddies… here is the Golden Ticket of Business Resources

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Brought to you by your very own Willy Wonka. Here is a comprehensive resource list from great affordable personal assistants to how to get your new web business off the ground (and not some dumb BS sales pitch, but what I have actually touched smelled and made love too JK) Yea, I’m kinda a business junkie.  Anyway, here it is.

Ive got the golden ticket...

"I've got the golden ticket..."

I made it a “page” so it is always right there if you need it. I will finsh it later in the week. I’m exhausted right now.

Be an influencer – That’s where the power is

In leadership, marketing, viral marketing on December 27, 2008 at 9:21 pm

So just got my nails done. I know I know – don’t judge me. I deserve a break. I even worked on Christmas 🙂 But the nail technician was sharing how the “VIP”s get “special treatment. And I thought to myself, what makes a person VIP. Of course there are actors and musicians. But why do they really have the power. It’s not simply because of their wealth, (although that does help). It’s because they have the power to influence. That’s why they are chosen to represent causes and political parties. Check out how to be an influencer > you don’t need to be famous.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Viral marketing with results – who would have thought?

In marketing, viral marketing on November 5, 2008 at 10:28 pm

Effective viral video marketing

This should be a “how to” video rather than a gamers wet dream.  So mainly people waste time away without thinking about their market, without setting goals and g-d forbid achieving a result. The guys at Mana Energy Potion have mastered the art of effective viral video marketing.

Mana Energy Potion

Mana Energy Potion