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In business, in my personal life and with my family I have always been the resource guru. So to continue to spread the wealth I will post some books, links and any other helpful tidbits of information that may help in making your life or business easier to deal with.


“Insider Secrets” by MarketingTips – Okay, so I bought these in 2003. No joke. If I had to pick ONLY ONE business book (and trust me I’ve read many from Kiyosaki to Gladwell) I would pick the Insider Secrets.  They literally dummify the whole online business process so you can have a running and profitable site up in no time.  But remember the grand old lesson you learned in school, “Its all what you make of it” so don’t buy the books and rely on osmosis to succeed. You need to study and apply the techniques. But they are super comprehensive and very easy to follow.


Secrets to their Success also by Marketing Tips:  Not kidding. reading these people’s candid interviews has taught me so much over the years what tools to use. And the interviews are kept up weekly so I am constantly reading the most up to date information of what works.


I like LinkedIn and PerfectBusiness

Some people say they don’t really do business of of LinkedIn. I say any time I am looking to do new business and form partnerships the first place I look is Linked In.
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I use PerfectBusiness more as a information portal than I do a directory of people.  They have physical networking events much like quality Meet Up groups and I am a huge fan. I’ve met the creator and he genuinely has the success of the netreprenuer in mind with each day he grows the site.

Speaking of Meet Up… that’s a good one. When I had to learn about programming languages I joined a Ruby on Rails meet up and I am still connected to the people I met in the group years later.  When I want to go snowboarding I look for a Meet Up. Practice my writing – Meet Up.  I really like the qulaity the groups have. Just look for their reviews and frequency of events.


Send an email to – put in subject line “PA” and I’ll pass it on to the right person to get you a special discount

The best by far! For personal = Ask Sunday and for business (this is a HUGE SECRET) = RAS InfoSolutions.

Ask Sunday blows my mind. they speak so eloquently. Make phone calls for you, even dealing with the supervisor when things get ugly. No more waiting on hold. They’ll conference you in at the second you’re needed and then you can go about your day.  I can’t say enough good things about their efficiency.

RAS Info Solutions is my secret. But I just had to share it because they are good. talk about having an extended team to get your work done better than any employee here who most times you find perusing MySpace on the clock. These guys get the task done and done right and make sure there was nothing left out and you are more than pleased with the results.

To be continued… I’m tired. It’s 3:30am here. Hope this helps so far.

…. Continued 2-28-09


To think like a business owner read “Four Quandrants” by Robert Kiyosaki

Then to map out your business structure read “E-Myth” by Michael Gerber

Hire a staff on the cheap by reading “Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss

Then stay on top of things by being a part of The Funded created by Adeo Ressi (

Oh and to find balance in it all read “The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO” by Robin Sharma

Affordable Labor

Affordable Labor

Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Business Structure

Business Structure

Business perspective

Business perspective

Insider knowledge

Insider knowledge

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