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F the fancy Power Point

In analytics, business, business models, social media on May 6, 2009 at 10:39 am

No client wants to see art work they want to see ROI. Everyone these days is a social media expert. Bah Humbug. All I want to see – All investors want to see – All clients want to see = ROI, Metrics and Analytics. Thats’ it. Everything else is the cherry on top. So next time you present the pretty website you want to build and how amazing you are at sending tweets, remember to start with exactly how much money all that fun activity is going to make.

"Show me the money"

"Show me the money"

Advertisements – “The Road To A Billion And Beyond”

In business, business models, leadership, management, the secret on April 14, 2009 at 11:03 pm

I am absolutely exhilarated to to be visiting the Zappos headquarters tomorrow in Vegas. My company team has been vigorously studying the phenomenal Zappos culture which we do our best to emulate each day. I have personally been a fan of Zappos since about 2002 after discovering the site was the fastest loading site on the web. Being the geek that I am I was fascinated and had to know how they did it. I think their upload time was under 3 seconds and with a homepage full of graphics. Completely impressive. is all about their WOW effect “delivering ‘WOW’ through service”. From their lightening speed delivery times, Monopoly Game, Culture Book, sending flowers to a grieving customer, 100% satisfaction guarantee free return policy, upload times, in house Life Coach – Dr Vik! and now Zappos Insights helping businesses achieve “The Road to a Billion and Beyond.”… Zappos WOWs me.

A little something from their Monopoly “Wow” cards:

“Take a leap of faith on a new venture, pay each player $50”

“Take a step outside of your comfort zone, collect $150”

“Reap the reward of taking a risk, collect $50”

"The Road to a Billion and Beyond"

"The Road to a Billion and Beyond"

Future Billionaire Girl in the making!

No matter East or West this May you need to be at Big Omaha “WHAT!? What’s in Omaha”

In business, business models, education, leadership, management, marketing, social media, technology on March 22, 2009 at 1:34 am

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This May 2009 will be just about the coolest conference yet – Big Omaha. The best of the best in social media, online content and business tech will be in attendance. Gary Vaynerchuk who I can’t stop writing about has mastered the momentum of online content. Adriana Gascoigne banded together Girls in Tech throughout the US and overseas being featured in periodicals like Fast Company for her leadership and social media expertise at powerhouse Hi5. Business modeling extraordinaire Jason Fried from 37 Signals. If you have yet to read how 37 Signals maintains laser focus on business development go there now to enhance your skills. Threadless founder Jeffrey Kalmikoff made selling retail online viral and community based. Matt Mullenweg who is behind the development of WordPress – just about the most unbelievable blogging platform ever. And no established business and technology event would be complete without the talented Shira Lazar hosting the extravaganza. This star studded cast are all flying to Omaha this May and so should we. I know I am. If you missed South by Southwest don’t make the same mistake twice.

Don't risk feeling left out again like you did not attending SXSW in Austin

Don't risk feeling left out again like you did not attending SXSW in Austin last week

A Game of Twister anyone or should we Twiist Up… Cobra Snake – this ones for you

In business, social media on January 22, 2009 at 12:57 am

Be sure not to miss Twiist Up coming up in February here in my hometown of Los Angeles.  I am excited. I must admit I only just discovered this nerd party recently and apparently it is approaching suaree number 5. Boo hoo that I missed the past 4.  Think tech, meets rockband meets a fantasy Skittles commercials sprinked with start up on top.  Its late. Even this geek girl needs her rest. I will wake up to my beloved 5 hour energy drink in the morning but for now its media decks, filing searching the web and finally those ZZZZZZZZ. Oh and Mark, “The Cobra Snake” look at you getting retro in the geek world.

Geeks in Retro

Geeks in Retro

This post is dedicated to Deane – being a Business Owner is Magic

In business on January 7, 2009 at 12:14 am

Starting, growing and building a business is not an easy feat. Can we wake up whenever and take any random ol day off, SURE, if we want our business to go no where. Most business owners work 80 plus hour weeks and have “homework” when we leave the office. Last night I finished at 3am, started back up again at 9am and am closing my night down early at 11pm.

But being an entrepreneur is the best thing that could have ever happened to me, or did I select this life… who cares who choose who, the fact is I have purpose each morning when I wake up. My imagination turns into reality and with that reality I provide opportunity to enable others to live out their dreams. And I have to say, though many days are trying, seeing that my thoughts, my fantasies, manifested success not only for myself but those who surround me – Now that’s true magic.

Here is a site. I know the owner so I can say first hand he cares. It’s very useful if you want to start examining your desires to be an entrepreneur.

Explore being an entreprenuer

Explore being an entrepreneur