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I am absolutely exhilarated to to be visiting the Zappos headquarters tomorrow in Vegas. My company team has been vigorously studying the phenomenal Zappos culture which we do our best to emulate each day. I have personally been a fan of Zappos since about 2002 after discovering the site was the fastest loading site on the web. Being the geek that I am I was fascinated and had to know how they did it. I think their upload time was under 3 seconds and with a homepage full of graphics. Completely impressive. is all about their WOW effect “delivering ‘WOW’ through service”. From their lightening speed delivery times, Monopoly Game, Culture Book, sending flowers to a grieving customer, 100% satisfaction guarantee free return policy, upload times, in house Life Coach – Dr Vik! and now Zappos Insights helping businesses achieve “The Road to a Billion and Beyond.”… Zappos WOWs me.

A little something from their Monopoly “Wow” cards:

“Take a leap of faith on a new venture, pay each player $50”

“Take a step outside of your comfort zone, collect $150”

“Reap the reward of taking a risk, collect $50”

"The Road to a Billion and Beyond"

"The Road to a Billion and Beyond"

Future Billionaire Girl in the making!


Are you a leader or a friend? / Are you an executive or a co worker?

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Last night I realized that in loving my team as much as I love my company I don’t love myself enough. What does that mean. If they get upset I say how can I fix it and immediately blame myself for allowing any moment of discomfort to take place. If there is a decision to be made I am perpetually afraid I am not going to make the best one because haven’t I made so many mistakes in the past. But of course I have! Because I am a true entrepreneur, a risk taker. If I weren’t I wouldn’t be in business and definitely not for 10 years strong. So last night as I started to doze off I had a moment of clarity. That a firm decision is better than no decision at all even if it ends up being a mistake. People respect confidence and authority. And there is no way that I single handedly can or even need to prevent every issue before it arises. I am not perfect, nor is my staff. But it is about understanding one another. Providing them a leader to follow. And doing the best we can. A teammate isn’t about being their equal. It is about being what the team needs. A male friend of mine said he was autocratic with his staff because he didn’t have time to be friendly. His approach is command and control from above, no power in the masses. Maybe that polar opposite style isn’t the way for me. Each business owner is entitled to their own methodologies. But without a doubt my staff needs to start seeing the leader and the executive in me rather than the girl next door. Because truth be it if people walk all over me its because they think they can, no matter it be consciously or unconsciously. Both equate to the same results.  I’m ready to start the day a new woman a new company.

My best friend recommended this book: “How We Lead Matters” by Marilyn Carlson Nelson.

To Lead is to Inspire

To Lead is to Inspire

No matter East or West this May you need to be at Big Omaha “WHAT!? What’s in Omaha”

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This May 2009 will be just about the coolest conference yet – Big Omaha. The best of the best in social media, online content and business tech will be in attendance. Gary Vaynerchuk who I can’t stop writing about has mastered the momentum of online content. Adriana Gascoigne banded together Girls in Tech throughout the US and overseas being featured in periodicals like Fast Company for her leadership and social media expertise at powerhouse Hi5. Business modeling extraordinaire Jason Fried from 37 Signals. If you have yet to read how 37 Signals maintains laser focus on business development go there now to enhance your skills. Threadless founder Jeffrey Kalmikoff made selling retail online viral and community based. Matt Mullenweg who is behind the development of WordPress – just about the most unbelievable blogging platform ever. And no established business and technology event would be complete without the talented Shira Lazar hosting the extravaganza. This star studded cast are all flying to Omaha this May and so should we. I know I am. If you missed South by Southwest don’t make the same mistake twice.

Don't risk feeling left out again like you did not attending SXSW in Austin

Don't risk feeling left out again like you did not attending SXSW in Austin last week

I may drive a dingy pick up but I’ve got a Billion in the bank

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Don’t judge a book by its cover.  I used to be a yacht stewardess and some of the wealthiest people you would never know. Grease stained jeans, sandals, ripped tee shirt and the ability to have any dream they desired.  Tonight I was in a situation where I was judged. You never know who you are talking to, who that is person is connected to and for you start ups which Simple Simon may end up being your next investor.  Even a popular blogger who has the power to express any opinion pro or con. Luckily my mother always said, if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Well as long as you’re not KIIS that is…

My Lips are Sealed

My Lips are Sealed

Acknowledgement – that’s all anyone wants. And it doesn’t have to cost a thing

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This morning my new roommate posted a Happy Birthday message on my bathroom door I got to wake up to. It made my day. And reminded me of so many great and important life lessons.

1) How we choose to start our day sets the tone for that day. Every entrepreneur should be a leader and to deliver the right message to your team but in order to do so it must start with the entrepreneur embodying power and positivity.

2) Sometimes a consumer or client just wants to be acknowledged. Whatever the situation or even better non situation, expressing random thoughts of gratitude aka acknowledgment could stimulate them feeling good about choosing your company to work with or purchase from and a desire to do business with you again.

3) Lastly, sometimes as entrepreneurs we get caught up in being so focused on our businesses we forget to have a life outside of work. That’s me. And I am so lucky that I took a leap and moved out of a rural area to the city to be closer to friends and then to open the door and meet this incredible roommate of mine. It’s just the perfect birthday gift.

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

Oh Obama … you social media maven… You slay me with your live streaming

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Hello world. Take some pointers from our very own president.

  1. One, don’t try to do it all yourself. Be surrounded by a team a wee bit smarter than you. Your job is to lead and to inspire. = Obama
  2. Two, let the people connect freely and without judgment. Give them the tools, the utility to want to spread the word. = Obama
  3. Three, know what is forward thinking. What is the vision of tomorrow, not 10 years ago, because that no longer applies. = Obama
Obama Adopts and Embraces what is Today

Obama Adopts and Embraces what is Today

Friends, Employees, Friends, Employees… ahhhh what to do, where is that line?

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A woman is assertive and to the point, she’s a bitch. A woman is friendly and cares, she’s a pushover. Where’s the fine line for a kind hearted person who expects goals to be met and in return wants to cater to a fun and flexible work environment. Can that even exist? Does a leader always need to also be the asshole?  And how can you simply enjoy the rapport with a co worker and not have it become a friendship? Or is it okay to be friends as long as those people are mature professionals? Almost all people who have worked for me I have genuinely enjoyed their personalities and getting to know who they are. I have to say that if I would have never gotten to know some of these people I would have really missed out.  So where’s the fine line?

Pulling Hair Out

Okay kiddies… here is the Golden Ticket of Business Resources

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Brought to you by your very own Willy Wonka. Here is a comprehensive resource list from great affordable personal assistants to how to get your new web business off the ground (and not some dumb BS sales pitch, but what I have actually touched smelled and made love too JK) Yea, I’m kinda a business junkie.  Anyway, here it is.

Ive got the golden ticket...

"I've got the golden ticket..."

I made it a “page” so it is always right there if you need it. I will finsh it later in the week. I’m exhausted right now.

Be an influencer – That’s where the power is

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So just got my nails done. I know I know – don’t judge me. I deserve a break. I even worked on Christmas 🙂 But the nail technician was sharing how the “VIP”s get “special treatment. And I thought to myself, what makes a person VIP. Of course there are actors and musicians. But why do they really have the power. It’s not simply because of their wealth, (although that does help). It’s because they have the power to influence. That’s why they are chosen to represent causes and political parties. Check out how to be an influencer > you don’t need to be famous.

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Leaders inspire people not through money or power but through HOPE

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Just saw the movie MILK tonight. Wow. It reminded me a lot of the Obama election. The common theme both politicians urged their listeners was that the change was not in them, but in us all working together, united. “Yes we can” and “I want to recruit you” is about inspiring a movement driven by hope. HOPE for a better tomorrow is a powerful thing. Tim Ferriss said something like…”Obama isn’t going to fly into office in his super hero cape send an email and all will be okay.” It takes an army of people to create change. As business owners our ability to partner with causes we believe in and inspire change through our brands will make our shops not about the single purchase, but about the movement. Look at Tom’s shoes and learn.