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Are you a leader or a friend? / Are you an executive or a co worker?

In leadership, management on April 4, 2009 at 6:55 am

Last night I realized that in loving my team as much as I love my company I don’t love myself enough. What does that mean. If they get upset I say how can I fix it and immediately blame myself for allowing any moment of discomfort to take place. If there is a decision to be made I am perpetually afraid I am not going to make the best one because haven’t I made so many mistakes in the past. But of course I have! Because I am a true entrepreneur, a risk taker. If I weren’t I wouldn’t be in business and definitely not for 10 years strong. So last night as I started to doze off I had a moment of clarity. That a firm decision is better than no decision at all even if it ends up being a mistake. People respect confidence and authority. And there is no way that I single handedly can or even need to prevent every issue before it arises. I am not perfect, nor is my staff. But it is about understanding one another. Providing them a leader to follow. And doing the best we can. A teammate isn’t about being their equal. It is about being what the team needs. A male friend of mine said he was autocratic with his staff because he didn’t have time to be friendly. His approach is command and control from above, no power in the masses. Maybe that polar opposite style isn’t the way for me. Each business owner is entitled to their own methodologies. But without a doubt my staff needs to start seeing the leader and the executive in me rather than the girl next door. Because truth be it if people walk all over me its because they think they can, no matter it be consciously or unconsciously. Both equate to the same results.  I’m ready to start the day a new woman a new company.

My best friend recommended this book: “How We Lead Matters” by Marilyn Carlson Nelson.

To Lead is to Inspire

To Lead is to Inspire


This post is dedicated to Deane – being a Business Owner is Magic

In business on January 7, 2009 at 12:14 am

Starting, growing and building a business is not an easy feat. Can we wake up whenever and take any random ol day off, SURE, if we want our business to go no where. Most business owners work 80 plus hour weeks and have “homework” when we leave the office. Last night I finished at 3am, started back up again at 9am and am closing my night down early at 11pm.

But being an entrepreneur is the best thing that could have ever happened to me, or did I select this life… who cares who choose who, the fact is I have purpose each morning when I wake up. My imagination turns into reality and with that reality I provide opportunity to enable others to live out their dreams. And I have to say, though many days are trying, seeing that my thoughts, my fantasies, manifested success not only for myself but those who surround me – Now that’s true magic.

Here is a site. I know the owner so I can say first hand he cares. It’s very useful if you want to start examining your desires to be an entrepreneur.

Explore being an entreprenuer

Explore being an entrepreneur