Snoop Dogg and Boddingtons Pub Ale – Nothing like a way to start an entrepreneur’s day

In sanity on March 27, 2009 at 5:09 pm

So I stayed up all night researching Twitter tools after attending So Cal Action Sports event with big wigs in tech like Chris Brogan and in Action Sports, Oakley, Sheckler, Draven and then after a morning cat nap I cooked up some delicious food and decided on a beer. Boddingtons Pub Ale it was. The team was already at my office which is only a block away since I moved so I thought why not hang with them while I eat and take the beer to go. I foregoed paper bagging it and hoped no cop would harass me for walking around with an open bottle. It looks like it could be a Monster Energy drink anyway right?! I thought Ah Ha! Why don’t I cut through the alley and dodge any truly public areas making for a drama free afternoon. I saw this building across the street from my office and thought maybe they have a door that I can cut through to the other side. Boddingtons in hand on the right with my cabbage hamburger concoction on the left I ask the reception if she’d mind. I say “Who doesn’t like a beer with their meal. Just don’t wanna get busted you know.” And then as I make my way to the pearly white gates Snoop Dogg says “What’s going on”. Ha! Not kidding. And I nod, freak in my head and say whats up back. So cool. And was I excited to share with my awesome team.

PS Thanks @Valerotti for leaving the beer in my fridge!


Snoop Dogg's Twizzle - Fo Shizzle

This could be a Monster Energy drink, couldn't it?? :)

This could be a Monster Energy drink, couldn't it?? 🙂

  1. That is awesome! I love when random things like that happen! Foshizzle!

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