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Chris Rikli I’d like to introduce myself…

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Photo by Geoff

Photo by Geoff Johnson  -

Photo by Geoff Johnson -

PHOTO: From left to right @garyvee, @kurtyd, @espreedevora, @bigomaha (founders), @shiralazar

This morning after my meeting with Matt Helt and Dave Nelson of Secret Penguin, Matt sent me this link to Chris Rikli’s blog post titled Five People I Wish I’d Met at Big Omaha(If you missed Big Omaha, well that just sucks. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. More on the Big O later.) Seeing that Chris wrote I was one of 5 people he’d like to meet who he missed at Big Omaha was incredibly flattering.  After all, I simply do the best I can each day. Nothing different than anyone else does as an entrepreneur.  Then when I saw I was grouped with these absolutely incredible and courageous business men, Matt Helt from Secret Penguin, Zac Triemert from Lucky Bucket Brewery, Charles Hull from Archrival I wasn’t only flattered but overwhelmingly gracious.

Big Omaha to me was about  self discovery, defining our brand, attention to detail, unity and courage. Realizing that we each have our own entrepreneurial style and that is okay. To be true to our core strengths and find partners/team mates to compliment our weaknesses. That we must  support one another to succeed farther and faster. And especially the courage to understand that the journey isn’t easy, but one we are blessed to forge ahead on. We can achieve anything we set our minds and bodies to do.

At one point there was discussion addressing segregation between men and women in business.  It’s true that the numbers are not on an equal plane of women immersed in technology, business, (and action sports). But if there is anything I have learned after being a real estate investor, raising money for my business, and working in action sports, all “male dominated” spaces is that any dream we desire is within our reach to achieve, we just need to grab it.  Men and Women alike.  I don’t buy that men have the power to hold women back. Maybe the way society was structured in the past that was true, but not now. The only person that can hold anyone back is ourselves.  It’s an exciting time to forge ahead as a business owner. I am manifesting my own destiny, are you?

I want to thank Chris Rikli for connecting with me and share his post. > Click here

Five People I Wish I’d Met at Big Omaha


“F college, make a YouTube account.” Damn, I didn’t get the memo

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Okay  so I am fascinated by Viral Video geniuses like the guys at Mana Energy Drink for Gamers,

my good friend Dave Lehre who created the MySpace Movie , who in my opinion launched this whole internet super star craze

and now Dave Days who I stumbled across today.  14 Million hits and counting!

What made me want to blog about him though, his quote under his photo, “F college, make a YouTube account.” LOVE IT.  It’s not that I don’t support education. I have a college degree. But what I encourage is NOT WAITING to pursue what you are passionate about. Going to college, not going to college. You shouldn’t wait to go after your dreams. I only wish I had more friends like Dave and Dave in high school so we could have conquered the world together.

This post is dedicated to Panda for taking the risk and going after your dreams. Just remember to appreciate the people who help you along the way. 🙂

Internet Super Star

Internet Super Star

The Man Show for Tech Nerds – Diggnation

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Last night I went to the Knitting Factory in LA for the Diggnation Meet Up. It was a blast. As you may have seen on my Tweets all the guys were super nice. The experience was one not to miss. The crowd’s energy was wild and passionate. The guys were ridiculously funny and candid. They really do make you feel like you are their best friend, welcoming you into their home; Diggnation. Jay from Digg news did an interview with me so maybe they’ll air it. If you Digg boys stumble upon this post I do hope you digg it. Just THANK YOU for a truly fun night from your Geek Girl.

StumbleUpon vs Technorati vs Digg vs Delicious

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All sites to mark what you like and why you like it. I just don’t know. So far for me Delicious is out. Not into it. I feel like I should read technorati more and StumbleUpon is easier to make your mark with the firefox add on and Digg captcha slows me down too much. What do you guys think?