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No matter East or West this May you need to be at Big Omaha “WHAT!? What’s in Omaha”

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This May 2009 will be just about the coolest conference yet – Big Omaha. The best of the best in social media, online content and business tech will be in attendance. Gary Vaynerchuk who I can’t stop writing about has mastered the momentum of online content. Adriana Gascoigne banded together Girls in Tech throughout the US and overseas being featured in periodicals like Fast Company for her leadership and social media expertise at powerhouse Hi5. Business modeling extraordinaire Jason Fried from 37 Signals. If you have yet to read how 37 Signals maintains laser focus on business development go there now to enhance your skills. Threadless founder Jeffrey Kalmikoff made selling retail online viral and community based. Matt Mullenweg who is behind the development of WordPress – just about the most unbelievable blogging platform ever. And no established business and technology event would be complete without the talented Shira Lazar hosting the extravaganza. This star studded cast are all flying to Omaha this May and so should we. I know I am. If you missed South by Southwest don’t make the same mistake twice.

Don't risk feeling left out again like you did not attending SXSW in Austin

Don't risk feeling left out again like you did not attending SXSW in Austin last week


2473 Emails! and counting… How do I effectively get through them all?!?!

In management, sanity on March 20, 2009 at 5:31 pm
Ahhhh Attack of the Emails!
Ahhhh Attack of the Emails!

Okay so this week at South by Southwest I went to “Getting Things Done the Simple Way” taught by John Zeratsky. I was not going to miss it. I rolled out of bed forgoed brushing my teeth or an awesome Austin shower to rush to the panel in order to achieve the treasure hunt of eliminating my email count and all my “contacters” feeling victory in receiving attention to their email. I mean if Tony Hsieh, CEO of the greatest customer service company ever and one of the most attentive entrepreneurs I’ve meet Gary Vaynerchuk can resend to 1000 plus emails a day, well then so can I! So I will keep you posted on what system I figure out works for me so I can “put a little Zappos in my day,” BUT in the meanwhile watch this. A little treat from Gary Vee and my tech crush Kevin Rose. (Who doesn’t crush on Kevin Rose?)

“Twitter” for Dummies – What the F*!k is Twitter and why do I care

In social media, technology on March 19, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Compliments of @chrisbennett from I bring to you the best overview of Twitter…

Twitter, the Most Important Website Since Google?

twitter bird google jpgI will be the first to admit while it didn’t take me a long time to sign up and start networking with friends on Twitter, it has taken me a long time to understand the true power of the website. When I first started using it I saw it as a networking and communication tool. The more I come to use it and the more I watch people from all walks of life using it I am starting to see why Twitter may possibly be the most important website since Google. To help you understand my logic I want to start with some thoughts on Google.

I think it is safe to say most everyone believes Google is currently the most important website on the internet. When I say important I mean the one that has effected how we use the internet the most thus far. Before it came out we were all satisfied with Yahoo, DogPile and other engines and then Google came a long and it got some grass roots buzz, it was the cool new minimalistic search engine that had surprisingly good results with a clean interface. Soon everyone that was savvy enough to know they could choose the search engine they retrieved info from, chose Google. Google didn’t enhance search, Google popularized search. Yes search was around before Google but people didn’t stop using the Yellow Pages and the Phone book and every other method of finding information until Google.

Enter Twitter –
Even among Google, Google Blog Search, RSS Readers, Blogs, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, FaceBook etc. there is still room in our already thin attention span for a site like Twitter. Like Google, Twitter is simple, straight forward and extremely easy to use. I don’t look at Twitter as a micro-blogging service I look at as a literal representation (both through information and networking) as to how small this planet really is. Short 140 character messages isn’t what Twitter is but how it is carried out. Twitter is becoming a behemoth of instant information with the ability to follow up with and talk to the person providing that information. Sure you could say that is the same thing as blogs, but most of what is said in blogs can and is starting to be said through 140 characters and you can digest more info from more people that way. I replaced my RSS reader with Twitter in fall of last year, I have seriously logged in to my Reader less then 10 times since September to read blogs when it used to be a daily occurrence. If someone asked, “what is Google not doing well on the web?” Twitter would be at the top of my list. Twitter is a Real Time engine with personal and live feedback.

#Twitter #Search –
Part of the long term stability I see with Twitter is from Anything I need to know about something that is happening right now or has happened in the last 12 hours I use Twitter search for. I used to search through Google Blogsearch, Digg, Delicious, Youtube to get breaking news but now I am alerted to it so quick through someones update, and I can go to Twitter search and get hundreds if not thousands of snippets of info and links seconds/minutes after it is happening. Everyone knows about Twitter and the Hudson River, Mumbai attacks etc. You can’t get that from Google. What takes Google minutes or hours to show you takes Twitter seconds. Google Organizes others content, Twitter creates and organizes its own content. When Jon Stewart ripped Jim Cramer a “new one” I found out about it live from people watching in Eastern time and I was able to go set my TIVO for MST and watch it that night. Before Twitter it would of been a Youtube clip submitted to Digg, Reddit or SU the next day. Danny Sullivan mentioned a similar experience during his keynotes at Omniture Summit and SMX West 09 about an earth quake that hit SoCal, he had tweeted about it and started to get replies and see results with information within minutes. There is no other site on the web that has this capability, and I don’t mean as in software but in software powered by a large and growing organic user base.

Sandwich Tweets –
sandwidchTweeting about the homemade panini you made or about the Audi test drive you just took is just as vital to Twitter as live excerpts from members of Congress during the State of the Union. If I wanted a new recipe to make for my wife I would use Twitter in that quest. I am in the market right now for a new car and I have used Twitter to find and reach out to those driving what I am interested in to get real live feedback. You can go to CitySearch or Amazon to see reviews on a product or company, but you can go to Twitter to see less biased reviews and you can talk to the person making those reviews and ask specific questions.

No More Red tape –
red tapeTwitter will replace a lot of media outlets or at least steal a lot of share from them. The way companies can communicate and react to customers via Twitter is Gods great gift to customer communication and loyalty. Before Twitter and partly due to sites like Digg Comcast was the Cable provider ran by Lucifer himself, now because of the outreach that Comcast has utilized via Twitter it is on its way to Saint Hood. Dell has similar experiences. Twitter is finally helping companies be agile who without it were stiff and slow. Social media and blogging in the large corporate space has always been hindered by Red Tape, Twitter forces companies to break that Red Tape. Large companies put review and approval processes before publishing blogs, can you imagine if tweets had to go through legal first? Not going to happen, Twitter forces companies to put someone capable and trusted at the helm as it cannot be regulated it like other mediums.

Twitter Tipping point –
Twitter is mainstream, the nature of Twitter allows every user to utilize its power in their own way, if you are a stay at home mom, CNN, Ashton Kutcher, Jimmy Fallon, small business owner, or the President of the United States you can use Twitter to better your objectives no matter what they may be. This is why it is Mainstream and why it isn’t going to stop, and you think there are a lot of people on there now? I guarantee you that in less than 6 months the user base will nearly double, and instead of people with 400k followers we will have people with over 1M followers. Before Twitter where else would you be able to talk to Shaq or get a late night link to a live streamed jam session by Shawn Ptwitty Combs. People that have influence on Twitter will have influence on the world especially in media. If I was hiring in any kind of business that needed media/marketing presence and I had two nearly identical resumes on my desk and one applicant had no twitter account and the other had 15,000 followers who do you think I am going to hire?

Embrace or be Replaced –
Every company needs to embrace and leverage Twitter before Twitter replaces them. Twitter is already been said to take a chunk out of Job sitesit could do the same to Social Sites, classifieds, dating sites, search engines, aggregators, and so on. FaceBook knows that Twitter is their biggest threat, and it is carving out a strong hold as the most powerful Real Time Search Engine that Google cannot Duplicate.

Conclusion –
There will be a new media darling in a year just as Digg was before Twitter, but Twitter will take on its own role and it isn’t going anywhere. Soon pretty much anyone with an internet connection will be using Twitter if not to tweet but to find Real Time information. In my opinion it is the most influential and important site since Google.


Southwest has Wi-Fi! “JUGGLE” by Ian Sanders is a must and SXSW is the go to conference of the year

In sanity, the secret on March 18, 2009 at 10:34 am

All I have to say is WOW. Today has been magic.  I started my day not worrying about my flight time knowing on Southwest if you get to the airport within a reasonable hour from your original time of departure they’ll do their best to put you on the next flight. So I casually wake up at 9:30am for my 10:55am flight. And how could I not experience the lush Austin water hit my skin one last time in the shower. Around 10:15 I accept nope not gonna make that 10:55, but it will be fine.  And boy I wasn’t kidding. First Ian Sanders, author of “JUGGLE! Rethink Your Work, Reclaim Your Life” went out of his way to leave me a copy of this book which the Radisson kindly delivered to me. I am really excited to read it on this flight. Not only am I in desperate need of balance as my leaning tower is consistently tilting toward work but it has a fabulous book cover and endorsement by the “It” ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Next I go downstairs to hail a cab to the airport and I ask this women if she would like to share the ride. She says she has a car and offers me a lift. Turns out she’s in charge of customer relations for one of my favorite companies, NetFlix. Talk about customer service 😉 So we shared a fun conversation about when luck meets opportunity in business. And if you just persevere lucky will eventually strike. Then as if things weren’t already going perfect Southwest said no problem to getting on their 11:15 flight as I stood at the check in at 11am! Lastly and the reason I am able to right this now – um hello. SOUTHWEST LAUNCHED WI-FI > today!   Can you believe it.  I believe it’s all because I started my day with a positive attitude and just “let go” and let fate happen.  To add a cherry on top this wonderful loving couple offered me a window sit on the packed flight so that they could sit next to one another. All I have to say is WOW. If there is only one conference you go to make it South by Southwest.

Oh and PS LOVE my MAC Book – wait have I already mentioned that. 🙂

PPS Thank you @Garyvee from for the insane amount of traffic you’ve sent to this blog.

A Must Read

A Must Read

Wi Fi on Southwest Airlines!!!!

Wi Fi on Southwest Airlines!!!!

Writing with intention, not just to announce when I eat a burger and the same goes with life casting

In social media, technology on March 14, 2009 at 12:58 pm

So I have been playing with QIK. It allows me to live stream anything straight from my web cam or phone. But who cares if I’m at the airport, or if I can’t decide what to eat for lunch.  I like to write with intention. My purpose in The Billionaire Girl blog is to be useful. To offer genuine insight on the real experiences, trials and tribulations in being an entrepreneur.  Toying with random life casting felt well lame. Like the value of sitting and watching an MTV “scripted” reality show.  Just I don’t have any savvy script to spruce up my content. Here’s a popular life caster, iJustine. You tell me what you think. I’m going to keep toying with it, but if I don’t find my voice in life casting I think just because it exists doesn’t necessarily mean I should be doing it.

Arrived in Austin, Texas today for SXSW  Interactive. Maybe I’ll get some decent life casting done while I’m here. I wonder if it would be valuable for you all to see the industry’s best up close and personal.

iJustine Life Casting

iJustine Life Casting

Web Marketing Therapy. Stop “shoulding” yourself and start taking candy pills

In marketing, sanity on March 11, 2009 at 11:25 pm

Lorrie Thomas from Web Marketing Therapy is GREAT! Met her tonight at a SMARTYS event held at my favorite place Blank Spaces. Tonight Lorrie prescribed me her “Chill Pills” AWESOME. You see the bottle is empty so those delicious teeny chocolates definitely got me in the sweetest direction once again. It is a breath of fresh air when a marketing “expert” these days is actually INNOVATIVE. Ha!

Prescription for an Internet Entrepreneur

Prescription for an Internet Entrepreneur

OMG Blackberry efficiency, Thank G-d for forums! Plus voice activated email.

In Crackberry, sanity on March 10, 2009 at 10:43 am

So I love my Blackberry.  Well it’s a love hate relationship really. I wish we didn’t have cell phones at all. But since we do and land lines are becoming a thing of the past why not have the most effective tool. Some of you prefer iPhones. I prefer Blackberry. But I must admit when it come to simplicity of use iPhones take the lead. I just can’t stand the touch screen. Anyway for you Crackberries out there here are a couple tricks that took me all night to find.

How to STOP receiving SENT messages in your email – argh!: Click here for the solution. (Insert Huge Happy Face)

and… to respond to my monstrosity of emails overtaking my inbox with my voiceJOTT, ( . So affordable and so great! (Thank you Jerome at BlankSpaces for recommending this life saving software) And sure its not perfect. A typo here. A typo there. But hey at least I tended to that contact and have extra time for beach volley ball. I mean do we really want to spend all our hours behind some form of technology rather than living?

Voice activated emails

Voice activated emails

For you Google App users like me you can only use Jott through the Blackberry mail system so you will need to configure your account onto your phone but that’s when the tip above comes in handy.

And for TMobile fans. T Mobile just launched the Unlimited Loyalty Plan lowering your bill to $50 bucks.

Lastly, Google updated their mobile apps to include a tracking system on the map app. Yup now if you really want to stir up some drama in your life with that ex you just “can’t seem to get rid of “ just add him/her on your map app 😉

Google Updated Mobile Apps

Google Updated Mobile Apps

Now for a big sad face. I didn’t realize new google sync syncs your email address book with your phone. I wasn’t prepared for this and now I have all this junk in my phone book. SUCKS. 😦  Anyone know how to undo? And no I was not clever enough to back up my phone before I started playing with all the new additions. Where is the “Time Machine” like they have on MACs.

I may drive a dingy pick up but I’ve got a Billion in the bank

In ethics, leadership, management on March 5, 2009 at 8:58 pm

Don’t judge a book by its cover.  I used to be a yacht stewardess and some of the wealthiest people you would never know. Grease stained jeans, sandals, ripped tee shirt and the ability to have any dream they desired.  Tonight I was in a situation where I was judged. You never know who you are talking to, who that is person is connected to and for you start ups which Simple Simon may end up being your next investor.  Even a popular blogger who has the power to express any opinion pro or con. Luckily my mother always said, if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all. Well as long as you’re not KIIS that is…

My Lips are Sealed

My Lips are Sealed

Acknowledgement – that’s all anyone wants. And it doesn’t have to cost a thing

In leadership, the secret on March 2, 2009 at 6:22 am

This morning my new roommate posted a Happy Birthday message on my bathroom door I got to wake up to. It made my day. And reminded me of so many great and important life lessons.

1) How we choose to start our day sets the tone for that day. Every entrepreneur should be a leader and to deliver the right message to your team but in order to do so it must start with the entrepreneur embodying power and positivity.

2) Sometimes a consumer or client just wants to be acknowledged. Whatever the situation or even better non situation, expressing random thoughts of gratitude aka acknowledgment could stimulate them feeling good about choosing your company to work with or purchase from and a desire to do business with you again.

3) Lastly, sometimes as entrepreneurs we get caught up in being so focused on our businesses we forget to have a life outside of work. That’s me. And I am so lucky that I took a leap and moved out of a rural area to the city to be closer to friends and then to open the door and meet this incredible roommate of mine. It’s just the perfect birthday gift.

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

VAustralia contest update: KIIS FM thinks I’m psychic!!!!!! Branson what do you think?

In ethics on February 26, 2009 at 11:17 am

You guys decide. Here are the sequence of messages:

Would you think you are the winner if you received these?

"Keep trying"

"Keep trying"



"Sorry, winner selected"

"Sorry, winner selected"

Thank you everyone for your support on Facebook, Twitter, your emails….  So my attorney contacted KIIS FM on my behalf after they didn’t show care while talking to me.

And here’s a paragraph from the KIIS response to this situation: (By the way I am more than happy to share the full email at request. Just don’t want to crowd the screen.)

Ms. Devora is not a winner in this contest and it is clear that she knows she is not a winner…… (Yea since you guys have told me you made an internal mistake I can see that you are not honoring the winning message. That’s no secret. But the screams of excitement when I received the winning message and having witnesses seeing me texting in suspense hoping I would win. Plus staying up the whole night waiting for the “call you soon” phone call. That can not be faked.)

The fact that Ms. Devora spent so much time and effort trying to guess a future winning word does not mitigate the fact that she did not follow the contest rules as posted. The rules are clear.  The Text For A Trip word is revealed each and every hour and KIIS FM never revealed the word “Branson” – and we have airchecks of every word revealed as part of this contest to prove this point.  We also have the text records that we received from Ms. Devora (based upon the cell phone number that she gave us via email) that supports our contention that she entered the contest and attempted to be a winner on at least two occasions and then she apparently attempted to try another word, apparently at random, to win the contest.

Let’s get something straight, I have NEVER entered any sort of radio contest and don’t have a clue as to how they function other than I heard the DJ say text a word to a specific number so I did and I kept getting  “Try Again” messages until I received the “Congratulations” message and then in disbelief I tried again and it said “Sorry we have our winner”. And I thought to myself OMG I actually am the winner. That’s when the screams of excitement started. SO Mister KIIS FM I am not psychic. I only played your game to be with my hero on my birthday. And whether your systems made an error or not how can you possibly feel okay allowing any listener the joy of winning something so important only to have a tech glitch. The thing is that even if the DJ messed up and said the keyword by mistake, just the fact that I received a winning message should be reason to care.

And no I wasn’t offered any sort of consolation prize for playing.