Ian Sanders “JUGGLE! Rethink Work Reclaim Life” is an entreprenuers bible

In sanity, the secret on March 25, 2009 at 10:50 am

There is so much I want to say about Ian’s book “JUGGLE! Rethink Work Reclaim Life” but I am in the middle of juggling so I am limited on time 🙂 This book taught me how to clearly see my core competency and even better how to capitalize off of it. We are all very hectic in our social media injected, family loved,  professionally swamped lives. How do we swim through it all? Ian teaches us that …

  1. Remember we are an athlete; Make ME time, drink plenty of water, eat well and get proper sleep.
    • I think just about the first thing I sacrificed when becoming a business owner was food, showers and sleep. Ha!
  2. Keep lists and break them down into projects in order to increase efficiency.
    • All I have to say is JOTT, Best list system I have found to date.  My 3 computers are in sync and I have everything broken down by project.  They also have a cool iPhone app. Sadly I don’t use iPhone but I do text in notes sometimes. Just today I signed up to have my voicemails transribed into email/texts.
  3. Most important – become a Juggler. Define your passion which does need to be in line with what you are best at.
    • For me it’s connecting people.  Most introductions I make the people connected end up capitalizing off projects together.

So with that I have already reorganized my list broken them down into specific projects, worked out this morning, ate my vegetables, showered 😉 and I think I’ll change my business card to “Connector”.



Any professionals BIBLE! Buy It!!!

Any professionals BIBLE! Buy It!!!

  1. Great post! Had the opp. to meet Ian @ SXSW and was a very cool, and genuine guy! Keep up the great work!

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