Southwest has Wi-Fi! “JUGGLE” by Ian Sanders is a must and SXSW is the go to conference of the year

In sanity, the secret on March 18, 2009 at 10:34 am

All I have to say is WOW. Today has been magic.  I started my day not worrying about my flight time knowing on Southwest if you get to the airport within a reasonable hour from your original time of departure they’ll do their best to put you on the next flight. So I casually wake up at 9:30am for my 10:55am flight. And how could I not experience the lush Austin water hit my skin one last time in the shower. Around 10:15 I accept nope not gonna make that 10:55, but it will be fine.  And boy I wasn’t kidding. First Ian Sanders, author of “JUGGLE! Rethink Your Work, Reclaim Your Life” went out of his way to leave me a copy of this book which the Radisson kindly delivered to me. I am really excited to read it on this flight. Not only am I in desperate need of balance as my leaning tower is consistently tilting toward work but it has a fabulous book cover and endorsement by the “It” ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Next I go downstairs to hail a cab to the airport and I ask this women if she would like to share the ride. She says she has a car and offers me a lift. Turns out she’s in charge of customer relations for one of my favorite companies, NetFlix. Talk about customer service 😉 So we shared a fun conversation about when luck meets opportunity in business. And if you just persevere lucky will eventually strike. Then as if things weren’t already going perfect Southwest said no problem to getting on their 11:15 flight as I stood at the check in at 11am! Lastly and the reason I am able to right this now – um hello. SOUTHWEST LAUNCHED WI-FI > today!   Can you believe it.  I believe it’s all because I started my day with a positive attitude and just “let go” and let fate happen.  To add a cherry on top this wonderful loving couple offered me a window sit on the packed flight so that they could sit next to one another. All I have to say is WOW. If there is only one conference you go to make it South by Southwest.

Oh and PS LOVE my MAC Book – wait have I already mentioned that. 🙂

PPS Thank you @Garyvee from for the insane amount of traffic you’ve sent to this blog.

A Must Read

A Must Read

Wi Fi on Southwest Airlines!!!!

Wi Fi on Southwest Airlines!!!!


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