Waiting in suspense…. Richard Branson mayday!!!! VAustralia here I come, but will the KIIS FM turbulence bring the plane down?

In ethics, sanity on February 25, 2009 at 1:03 pm
Branson please save the day!

Branson please save the day!

Richard Branson is my hero. Everyone who knows me knows that. So you can imagine the volume of my screaming excitement when I won a trip to Australia on the inaugural Virgin Australia flight this Friday out of LAX. And on my birthday weekend! What better of a dream could have come true. Now KIIS is saying they made an error. “An Error!”

So they just called back and said opps our system messed up. Can you believe it!!!!! I go on saying how this is not how Virgin handles business. Why I love VIRGIN is their care for customer service and their code of ethics.  KIIS FM’s response QUOTE “This is the KIIS FM contest, we’re doing the contest, not VIRGIN” …  “WHAT!!!!!” I told them, “What am I supposed to think when I read a message that says …

From: 41027
Sent: Feb 25, 2009 12:40 AM
Subject: KIISFM: Congrts ur textr 102!

KIISFM: Congrts ur textr 102! You’ll b flyin VAustralia THIS FRI for a 4 day/3 nite trip 2 Sydney Australia. We’ll contact u @ this # soon”

Are you freaking kidding me!!!! And I grew up in LA so I trusted KIIS. Why would I think they would dupe me. Branson please make right of this strange situation and make my birthday dream come true.

Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dreams!

  1. Same here! Been entering all day and with a group of msges saying we found our winner, a msg came up with the exact same msg u wrote!

    Stupid… glitch after glitch… i wish u better luck

  2. Seriously!? Send me a photo of the text.

  3. […] Australia Airline. Espree being a huge Richard Branson fan was delighted when she received this text announcing that she had won. The trip was scheduled for this Friday which just happens to be […]

  4. Did you get a result in the end ?

  5. Not yet. Still working on it.

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